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British Columbia Government Lends Support to Open Textbooks

“The government of British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, has announced its support for the creation of open textbooks for the 40 most popular first- and second-year courses in the province’s public post-secondary system. The texts will be available for free online, or at a low cost for printed versions, to approximately 200,000 students. The first texts under this project could be in use at B.C. institutions as early as 2013 for courses in arts, sciences, humanities, and business….”

Source: http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/34566?utm_campaign=newsletter_1210&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter

Tous les résultats des élections communales et provinciales 2012 (Flandre, Wallonie et Bruxelles

Voici les liens vers les sites des administrations publiques présentant les résultats des élections communales et provinciales 2012

Vlaanderen – Flandre: http://www.vlaanderenkiest.be/

Wallonie: http://elections2012.wallonie.be/results/fr/

Bruxelles: http://bru2012.irisnet.be/fr/com/results/results_graph_CGM21001.html