‘ Complement your campaigning with raising the memberShips ‘

International lesson for the Belgian Pirates straight from the “Country of excess Hearts”

A last minute decision brought me to the European Pirate Party Conference in Barcelona, and because I always try to keep my eyes and ears open, I learned quite a lot. In time, I’ll share everything I learned, but there was one thing that could be especially interesting and essential in our campaign for the local elections in 3 weeks.

In Spain, the Pirate Party saw that the results of their elections correlated with a factor of approximately 30 of the number of members they have. Also, more established and bigger parties had similar effects.  As you are quite familiar with “correlation does not mean causality,” we cannot take this event as an exact science, but it can point out an important aspect of getting people to vote for your crew.  It could show that identification with the party through membership is possibly more effective than publicity.  If this statement holds true, then we must not focus entirely on publicity during the last steps of our campaign.

So, let the possible implications of the findings of the wonderful Spanish people marinate in your mind a while. Concepts like salience, gatekeepers, backfire, word of mouth or identification may help you see this idea in a broader picture.

So if you go campaigning do not only go with flyers, posters, and other tools, but be sure to also use every other medium of communication available to you to increase the amount of members. It is possibly crucial at this moment, but also something to be done after the elections.

I hope that I can support you through this step to knowledge, and thank you to those Barceloonians 🙂 who truly demonstrated the Pirate spirit by generously sharing their experiences with me.

Amor. X



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